Forum Title: Cold water feed incorrectly connected with mains pressure system
Hi all, First ever post, and the context is New Zealand, so I'm unsure if the forum can help me out or not, but here goes. We changed our hot water tank to a mains pressure system a couple of years back, but a couple of performance issues have caused me to check over how this work has been done. Of interest is how the cold water supply has been connected - basically it is connected from the street supply to the various facets etc, without going through a pressure reducing valve. Our street pressure is probably around 700-1000kpa, so this is the cold water pressure that appears on each outlet. The cold feed is passed through a 500kpa pressure reducing valve before going to the hot water cylinder, so our hot water supply to facets is 500kpa. Almost everything I've read indicates the cold water feed to the facets should also be taken after the pressure reducing valve - this would make the pressure on the hot and cold exactly the same at 500kpa, which makes a lot of sense, compared to my current situation where cold is at least 700kpa, and hot is at 500kpa. Am I correct in how the cold supply in the house should be connected? Or would it make little difference? All safety valves/isolating valves/tempering/pressure relief etc valves are in place correctly. Thanks in advance, Nick.
Category: Plumber Post By: RUBEN LOWE (Compton, CA), 02/13/2016

pressure reducing valve should be connected on the cold water main line as it enters the house before all fixtures

- NATALIE PARKS (Nashville, TN), 10/08/2017

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