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I am remodeling my master bath and am installing a tub with a "Freestanding" Tub Filler. The one I purchased has 1/2" SS hoses that penetrate the base by a inch or so. The manufacturer does not include instruction for install. I am installing this on a concrete slab, my home is plumbed in CPVC. Any suggestions on how to plumb this up would be appreciated!
Category: Plumber Post By: JEFF HARPER (Rialto, CA), 02/17/2017

If you are saying that the SS hoses come out of the bottom of the freestanding faucet, than the concrete needs to be broken up, walls need to be cut open, and supply lines ran over to the future location of the faucet.

- EMMA SALAZAR (San Francisco, CA), 09/21/2017

I am trying to do the same thing. Would you share with me your end fix. I haven't bought the floor mounted tub filler yet but I do have the tub. I have a concrete slab with the plumbing open in the walls, new construction. Thanks so much for any help! Terry

- NANCY ANDERSON (Sheboygan, WI), 09/25/2017

Yes, I'm aware I need to break concrete. Attached is the pic from my demo. The two 1/2 lines coming from my slab are the supply line. The circle just in front of them are where the filler will be anchored. My first thought is to breakout just deep enough to hide the lines, accommodate tile etc. and then use 1/2 drop ear elbows to anchor them and turn up. Then I can insert a nipple so that they can be attached to the existing tub filler hoses. Any thoughts on a better strategy?? Thanks

- RHONDA GILBERT (Hesperia, CA), 10/06/2017

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