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Hi, Homeowner here looking for advice. My house is a 2 storey brick built ex council house with no wall insulation. Heating/hot water is combi boiler located upper floor. I am on a shared mains line with 8 other houses. Mains water comes up from basement to stop valve under kitchen, has a water hammer arrestor and pressure reducing valve in line just after the stop valve - these were installed as I had serious problems with "banging noises" in the pipes even when we had no taps running, toilets flushing etc. When I run my mains cold water or flush the toilets, you can hear the water travelling through the pipes quite loudly which is very irritating. My question is, is this normal due to the plumbing installation or house construction I have or is there something that can be done about it? I hope this all make sense and any help/response would be hugely appreciated. Cheers, Dave
Category: Plumber Post By: HILDA GRIFFITH (Portsmouth, VA), 03/07/2017

Thanks. The noise I'm getting is not water hammer, that has gone after installing the arrester and PRV. It is more like the sound of the water travelling through the pipes. I have had it suggested it is the PRV doing it's job?

- HAROLD MITCHELL (Dearborn, MI), 09/06/2017

Could be a lot different contributing things. They strapped the pipe directly to the wood framing or floor joists without using isolators. didn't ream the pipe, of which causes additional turbulence inside the pipe, of which can also contribute to water hammer

- O. Kheir (Phoenix, AZ), 10/03/2017

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