Forum Title: Thumping in the pipes when I flush toilets
For some reason my pipes have suddenly started thumping when I flush my toilets. The thumping seems to be coming from the location where the main enters the basement. I thought maybe the vacuum breaker on the sprinkler system was bad, which is directly adjacent to the where the main comes into the house, but the thumping continues even after I close the sectional valve that controls the lawn sprinklers which is upstream of the vacuum breaker. the pressure in the system has not increased (city water). Any thoughts \ tips | or suggestions on localizing the issue would be appreciated. Thank you.
Category: Plumber Post By: FERNANDO WARNER (Macon, GA), 01/09/2017

Check out this video from This Old House It's likely because the vent pipe for the sewer gases is loose and not secured.

- ERIK WOLFE (Sacramento, CA), 09/09/2017

The water hammer may be coming from the installed prv. Do they go bad? How can I test it?

- KAREN TAYLOR (Chino, CA), 09/15/2017

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